JANICE PURVIS  | Solicitor - Manager, Practice Support Services for Lawcover

Jennifer has presented at Lawcover’s One Day Claims prevention seminar in 2014 and 2016. This is the biggest event on Lawcover’s calendar attracting over 300 participants and is repeatedly sold out.


In 2014 Jennifer  gave an engaging and lively 1 hour presentation of what could have been a dull topic (the risks in practicing employment law). It provided an accurate and clear account of the underlying legal issues in a very entertaining and amusing way. Jennifer’s presentation, which involved actors and role play, was a great success evidence by overwhelmingly positive participant feedback.


In 2016 Jennifer went beyond the call of duty researching, writing, directing (Lawcover ‘actors’), rehearsing and narrating a 2 hr afternoon ‘wrap up’ scenario summarising the mornings topics (conveyancing, wills and estates and binding financial agreements). Her enthusiasm, energy, understanding and attention to detail resulted in a level of engagement (with what can be a difficult afternoon audience) that exceeded our expectations. Again Jennifer’s results were evidenced by laughter, lively participant discussion in the Q & A afterwards and very positive feedback in the audience evaluations.


SOPHIE BROWN  | Head of HR, Hilti (Aust)

I've worked with Jennifer for 5yrs. During this time I've found her to be an exceptional advisor to our business. Jennifer's strengths are skills often lacking in lawyers in her field - she's pragmatic, takes a clear stance on issues, is a great negotiator and brings the mindset of a business leader to her advice.


As a speaker, Jennifer is sharp, engaging, & wonderfully frank.

STEVE BROUGGY | Financial Controller (FiveX)

We had a situation with an employee that required advice from a employment expert. Fortunately, we engaged the services of Jennifer Bicknell. Jennifer listened to the facts and made appropriate recommendations. She communicated in a language that an accountant could understand. During this stressful period Jennifer was sympathetic but firm. No mumbo jumbo from this lady!

DANIEL MALKI  |  General Manager (Jet Technologies)

We choose Jennifer Bicknell because she understands our business and gives us the right advice to quickly find a solution for our HR needs. Passionate and professional, Jennifer helps us navigate the minefield of employment law in plain English and helps us plan pre-emptive strategies to avoid issues before they occur.


CATHERINE HART | Principal, Design and Project Management

I attended Jennifer’s seminar, ‘How to Have Difficult Conversations’ in 2015. I walked away with valuable tips and guidelines for dealing with those tricky situations in the office. The seminar was engaging and approached the topic from a different perspective. With a group of professionals from different backgrounds Jennifer had us all role playing using the steps she had explained to us.


The explanations were given in a manner that made them easy to remember and also why these sorts of conversations need to be stepped through to avoid the HR pitfalls that it is so easy to drift into. Jennifer’s seminars are always presented with a fun approach, acting, role playing and stories that give a different perspective on the issues that are being dealt with. I would highly recommend Jennifer’s seminars.

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