Learning needs to be engaging, interactive and practical.  It should build confidence, conquer fears, and make you feel taller.  

Many organisations have told me that they want to provide their employees with more training, but having whole teams in all day off-site courses is expensive, it affects productivity, and often only part of the content is relevant to their business. 


I understand this. I've been there. 


In 25 years as a dispute resolution lawyer, I've seen a lot of talented people become involved in disputes that didn't need to happen - particularly in the workplace. 


People who are rockstars in their chosen field, have damaged or ruined their careers because they don't know how to manage people or because of an ill-considered Tweet.


Many workplace disputes could be avoided if people knew how to have a difficult conversation, and better understood the peaks and perils of social media.


I give presentations on a range of topics including:


* How to have Difficult Conversations (Without Feeling Ill)

* How to Tackle Mental Health Issues... Head On

* How to Handle "Harveys" (Sexual Harassment In the Workplace)

* Friend or Foe? Social Media in the Workplace

* Workplace Diversity


If your team could benefit from practising what they learn, please contact me at Jennifer Says to arrange a workshop - or 0411 275 920. 


 Contact Jennifer //    M | 0411 275 920     E |    P | PO Box 414 Cremorne NSW 2090 

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