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You’re here either because you Googled ‘world’s most un-lawyery lawyer’ or because a friend or colleague recommended me. Pretty much all of my clients come from referrals because my passion is dispute prevention. 

Sure, I do the “traditional” lawyery stuff like drafting employment contracts and resolving disputes, but most of the time I work with clients as an extension of their business - strategically advising them on how to prevent small workplace issues becoming big, hairy ones. 

Why dispute prevention? 

According to my research (over 25 years lawyering) no-one actually enjoys long, messy, expensive  disputes. They’re stressful, keep you awake at night…and they involve dealing with lawyers! 

On the other hand, my research indicates that when we manage humans well and difficult conversations are had sooner rather than later, we tend to be less stressed, sleep well…and spend less time with lawyers! 

When we look at it that way, a focus on dispute prevention makes alot of sense, huh? 

So, whether I am lawyering, coaching or running a workshop, chances are you will find me encouraging those around me to embrace dispute prevention.

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Jennifer Bicknell

(Lawyer and doer of good)

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